Benefits of Shungite

Physical Benefits of Shungite

The most prevalent source of harmful EMF comes from our cell phones. To protect ​​yourself and your loved ones from this radiation, we made available S4 Shungite Stickers for the back of your cell phones. As seen in the image below, this small and discreet addition to the back of your phone can dramatically transmute the harmful effects your phone can have on your body.

Shungite stickers as well as spheres, pyramids, cubes and other shapes can be placed near or on your routers, laptops, tablets, tv and more to ensure you are fully protected at all times.



Water treated with shungite will be infused with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It will also aid in fighting free radicals and impurities in the water. Aside form these great physical benefits, it will also repair harmful EMF damage done to water. Also, any negative energies held will be transmuted.

How to Make Shungite Water:

1. Purchase raw shungite - raw is best to ensure the physical benefits will infuse your water.

2. The recommended amount of shungite would be 150-200 grams per 32oz of water.

3. Let the shungite sit in the water for at least 4 hours, up to 48 hours for the proper infusion.



Energetic Benefits of Shungite


Using shungite to keep your living and work spaces clear of dense or negative energy is essential to living a balanced life. Depending on the shape and size, there is a measurable radius each piece of shungite will carry.

For a more focused and precise purpose, like in an office or kitchen, a pyramid may serve you best in this space. The pyramid focuses energies and has a powerful effect when placed near devices that generate an electromagnetic field.

Spheres will pulse out specific intentions in all directions and can be more gentle than pyramids. Using a sphere in your bedroom or any area you are looking for calming energy is recommended.

Cubes are going to provide a more grounding effect due to the basic symmetrical shape. The earth energies of stability and structure are emanated by the cube making it ideal for any foundational or grounding spaces.


Using shungite to enhance a meditation can provide profound benefits to your practice. Being grounded and clearing your energy centers is a key component to having productive meditation sessions. Shungite is the perfect compliment to slowing down the mind and clearing your fields to direct your thought energy clearly towards your desired outcome. 

There are several ways to utilize shungite while meditating. Placing pyramids, spheres or cubes in the area you are working can help set a protected field around you. 

Wearing a piece of shungite jewelry can aid in clearing your energy during your meditation. 

Using harmonizers is another great way to feel the benefits of shungite. They can help enhance the energy moving through your field as you focus in more and more.


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