About Jaye

Jaye is a humble, live on the edge leader that uses her strength appropriately to protect what is right, and will defend truth unconditionally.


She first heard her guides at the age of 12 and avoided them. At the age of 17, she finally chose to listen to what they had to say, and found that truth was there. A better story in her mind that always led to love or unity. She began to follow her inner guidance system, that we all have, and practiced everything that she was learning with anyone who she could talk to - her friends and family, and as word spread this led to clients, and a wait list that was over a year long. The results that she experienced spoke for themselves and Jaye decided to turn the idea into a company that could share the knowledge and system with others - not just any company, a united one. In true Jaye style, she chose to create the company not with employees, but with her clients who became her “core”, and her best friends.

Jaye’s most significant results stem from her ability to get people out of the matrix, and to overcome extreme strong emotions (she calls them high numbers and you will learn about them later), and get her clients out of a reality of darkness that they never would have been

able to get themselves out on their own. Some had over 40 therapists before Jaye, and were able to be freed from the detrimental thought patterns that were destroying their lives. She seeks truth and finds the code that unlocks the cage for each client she helps, then teaches them how to use their own keys. In her mission of unity, she has duplicated her skillset by solidifying her knowledge into a system that can be taught by others.


Her life is a demonstration of what good looks like, through her thoughts, actions, and words as she consciously creates a life she loves, living on the edge, choosing love in every now, and is a pioneer in new thought as she passes everything that she has learned and practiced in a comprehensible, simple formula.

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